She was so Excited to Give Birth! But She was Informed that One of the TWINS was Dying when they were born!

She cannot wait to become a Mother. She was informed that one of the twins was dying when they were born!

During Labor, every woman should be very happy.

Kerrie, A Young American, did not have the same luck.

Despite having Twins, it was unfortunate that one of them was born with Hydrocephalus, a condition that can occasionally result in death.

One hour after the delivery, the doctors told her to say goodbye to the poor baby and warned her of the worst. The staff was advised to place the other baby in the incubator of her healthy sibling first because the new mother wanted the two to spend as much time as possible together.

Soon after that, a really strange event happened. After a week, the child was even released when his condition significantly improved.

Three years after the difficult birth, the baby has a chance to live a normal life, even though he hasn’t fully recovered.

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