Our thoughts and prayers are with the beloved actor Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke, who is 97 years old, is exceptional. The legendary actor has appeared in innumerable movies and plays, earning him a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as the title of Disney Legend. Fans of the aging actor, though, are more interested in learning how he maintains such wonderful health.

The much-loved 1964 sequel Mary Poppins Returns will be broadcast on BBC on Christmas Day, bringing the Hollywood icon back to the nation’s television screens. Van Dyke had a significantly lower role in the sequel than he did in the original, in which he co-starred in with Julie Andrews as Bert. However, when the celebrity leaped up and gave a complete tap routine, fans were astounded. The artist, who was 91 years old at the time, demonstrated to everyone present that he still maintained the same talent that made him famous all those years ago.

The actor, who appears to be proud of the level of fitness he has managed to maintain, provided a little glimpse into his daily routine in a June interview with CBS.

The celebrity could nearly be heard yelling into the broadcast from his California home as he performed numerous sit-ups.

“The center of your body is your stomach. You’re in good shape if your stomach is strong, he said.

So listen up, all you old dudes out there. You may continue, I assure you. I continue to sing and dance!

In fact, one of the primary reasons he agreed to the cameo in Mary Poppins Returns in the first place was to demonstrate to others that he was still capable in his advanced age.

He continued in the interview by saying that he had three dances to learn, but he choose to learn the hardest one in order to make a point.

“[They] offered me three options, and I chose the most difficult one. “I want that one,” I said.

“I had to demonstrate my ability. I believe I was 91.

Despite his unquestionable fitness, there was trouble in paradise back in 2013, when the singer reportedly revealed that he had been experiencing a pounding in his head whenever he slept.

Numerous medical experts performed numerous tests but were stumped by the peculiar heartbeat-like sound. They were unable to identify the cause of the star’s anxiety.

Van Dyke posted a question on Twitter, asking if anyone had any suggestions as to what might be causing the pounding in his head, in an attempt to fix it.

According to Medical News Today, positional headaches can cause symptoms like a pounding or throbbing head when lying down.

According to the website, a positional headache is a particular kind of headache that typically happens when a person is sitting or standing up and tends to disappear pretty quickly after lying down. They are typically brought on by cerebrospinal fluid leakage (CSF).

After the person stands up or sits down, the pain will last for 20 to 30 minutes. A slight headache may also wake people up in the morning, or it may worsen throughout the day.

People’s descriptions of positional headache discomfort include:

Severe \sPressure-like \sThrobbing \sPounding
Stabbing \sAching.
Additionally, some behaviors or pursuits can exacerbate headache symptoms. These consist of:

sneeze or coughing
difficult exercises
Sexual behavior
stooping, reaching, and lifting
during a bowel movement, straining.

The underlying reason will determine the most effective method of treatment for positional headaches. To relieve symptoms, patients most frequently use bed rest, plenty of drinks, and over-the-counter medications like paracetamol. People should seek medical assistance if pain persists.

Surprisingly, the cause of Van Dyke’s persistent headache was not what anyone would have thought.

A few weeks later, in response to his initial tweet, he stated: “It seems that my titanium dental implants are the source of my head pounding. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I appreciate all of your responses.

Ironically, what gave him a smile fit for a movie star was also the source of so much suffering. The celebrity has titanium dental implants, which swap out the tooth’s natural root for metal. After being implanted into the jawbone, the implant and bone eventually fuse together to produce stronger, healthier teeth. Van Dyke’s head ache was brought on by nerve injury, which had occurred in his case.

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