As the renowned hardman actor battles aphasia, his family is “cherishing every moment” with him and “pray[ing]” for a Christmas miracle

As Bruce Willis’ mental capabilities continue to deteriorate, his family is “cherishing every time” they have with him and “pray[ing] for a Christmas miracle.”

Since the renowned actor resigned from his long-running career in Hollywood in the past few months, he and his ex-wife Demi Moore have become even closer as his current wife, Emma Heming, works to improve their communication.

Bruce Willis and his ex-wife Demi Moore were pictured sharing a sweet moment with their daughter Tallulah as they gathered for a family dinner on Monday evening

The 67-year-old Willis’ family revealed in March that he had aphasia, a condition that impairs language comprehension and speech.

Since then, according to a source close to the family, his condition has gotten better, and his family is now gathering to spend as much time as they can together.

They are aware that he won’t be present forever, the unnamed person claimed. They are therefore savouring each and every moment.

Moore “has been in frequent communication with Bruce and Emma,” the insider continued.

They said, “She makes the most of every opportunity to be with him,” and, “If she’s not by his side, she’s calling on the phone just so Bruce can hear her voice.”

As they do every year, the blended family is currently spending the holidays in Idaho. Willis’ daughter with Moore, Tallulah, 28, recently shared a photo of her hugging her mother while her father stood nearby admiring Demi’s dog, Pilaf.

It was always a special time, according to the source. The beloved family customs, such as their pyjama parties and game nights, persisted.

Dr Rapp said that despite communication failures caused by the condition, people who suffer the condition still have the same thoughts, and are internally the same person. While the experience can be alienating, loved ones should remember that the person has not changed. Pictured: Willis with family and friends after a ‘roast’ event in 2018

He said, “There are times when people catch glimmers of the old Bruce, but they are few and far between.”

They feel heartbroken since it appears that he is drifting more away from them. Without Bruce, the girls are unable to picture Christmas.

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